Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation

At Brick Gentry, our Trusts, Estates, and Wealth Preservation practice provides comprehensive legal support to clients in all aspects of estate planning and wealth preservation. We assist clients with the creation and planning for trusts and wills, probate and estate administration, and tax planning. We assist agricultural landowners in the financial preparations of this asset. Our attorneys counsel and advise executors, administrators, trustees and guardians through the probate and estate administration process, such as collecting and inventorying decedent property, discover and settling the debts of the decedent, and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries. Our team of experienced attorneys works closely with clients to understand their unique financial and personal goals, and provide tailored solutions to preserve their wealth and ensure their assets are passed on to their beneficiaries in the manner they desire. Whether you are looking to establish a trust, plan for the distribution of your assets, or minimize your tax liability, our attorneys have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your estate planning goals.

Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation Attorneys