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In Response to COVID-19

To our Brick Gentry clients and colleagues:

In this quickly evolving landscape of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Brick Gentry is firmly committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our clients, attorneys, staff, and others with whom we work.  Our priority is to always provide timely and professional legal services which add value that benefits our clients.  We seek to meet this goal in a work environment that is safe and ensures the well-being and health of all who visit Brick Gentry.  As a result of the efforts of the Brick Gentry partners, I am proud to identify and share with you our plan for meeting these continuing priorities during this COVID-19 pandemic:

 • Supporting the People of Brick Gentry and Meeting your Legal Needs.

We have temporarily moved to a virtual, technology-driven, remote work day for many of our attorneys and employees. Working with our IT team we have assured the security of our network and information exchange. We have also asked everyone to temporarily stop in-person office meetings.  While our work routine may have changed, we want to assure you that we are here to assist you and to guide you through all of your legal needs. Our priority of providing timely and professional legal services will not be affected.   

 • Office Sanitizing Protocols.

We have always strived to maintain our law office in a professional and clean manner. During this pandemic we are enhancing our sanitizing efforts to comply with recent health care protocols and will continue to do so as they are announced.  In addition, we are asking everyone to avoid shaking hands and to utilize social distancing.  We do not want these efforts to separate us, but instead are hoping that these efforts only bring us closer together in this shared goal of mitigating the effects of COVID-19.  Finally, to best protect you, we are encouraging meetings to occur by phone or through some other technology-driven on-line conferencing platform. 

• Continuing to Monitor.  

The law partners of Brick Gentry are committed to staying ahead of this ever-changing health crisis.  We are monitoring the health care guidance and protocol being provided, and we will continue to update our efforts to keep you, as well as our attorneys, staff, and third parties, safe and healthy.

We thank all of you for your loyalty and for your understanding as we make these adjustments and navigate through this challenging time.  We truly appreciate being part of your team and look forward to our continuing commitment of putting your interests and legal needs first.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you, and please know that we are here for you.  Be safe and be healthy.

Sincerely yours,

Paul A. Drey, Managing Partner, Brick Gentry P.C.

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