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Srikant Mikkilineni Presents at the Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference in Des Moines, Iowa

Attorney Srikant Mikkilineni recently presented at the Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference held August 15th through the 17th in Des Moines, Iowa.  Srikant, and co-presenter Biana Rucker, presented on Cybercurrency and the Law. Srikant spoke on blockchain technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (as well what Bitcoins are and how a Bitcoin transaction is processed) as an introduction to the technology involved. Srikant further expounded on some of the general federal and state guidance/regulations in place and/or being introduced as well as the Uniform Law Commission's model regulation for cryptocurrency.  Srikant also discussed the application of blockchain technology to other sectors such as real estate, identity verification, product tracking, insurance, etc.  Srikant's co-presenter, Bianca Rucker, discussed the implications of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on a bankruptcy estate and some tips on how to track down and take possession of Bitcoins in a bankruptcy.  

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