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Eldon McAfee Presents at the American Ag Law Association Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon on October 27, 2018

Practitioner’s Environmental Law Review, Focusing on Defense Strategies
Speakers: Jim Bradbury, James D. Bradbury, PLLC (Texas)
Eldon McAfee; Brick Gentry PC (Iowa)

Nationally, agricultural producers face a growing threat from interest groups, heightened governmental regulation and social media. In the last several years, litigation has resulted in findings that livestock manure is subject to regulation under RCRA, various holdings related to the applicability of the Clean Water Act, emissions reporting under EPCRA & CERCLA, and a variety of nuisance-oriented actions, including jury verdicts in states such as Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, and Mississippi, as well as the recent well-publicized verdict in North Carolina. In addition, some states have increased the focus and requirements on CAFO permitting and siting requirements, along with nuisance defense statutes to address the threat of nuisance actions. Lastly, social media and interest groups opposed to certain agricultural production practices have presented significant threats. This session will feature two experienced practitioners from different parts of the country to discuss these current issues as well as strategies to address them.

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